• Publications

    • Toyokawa, W., Saito, Y., and Kameda, T. (2017). Individual differences in learning behaviours in humans: Asocial exploration tendency does not predict reliance on social learning. Evolution and Human behavior, 38(3): 325-333.
    • 村田藍子・齋藤美松・樋口さとみ・亀田達也 (2016). ヒト社会における大規模協力社会の礎としての共感性の役割. 心理学評論. 58(3)

  • Grants

    • Research Fellow of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for Young Scientists, 2016-2018 (¥3,400,000 a year)


  • middle158725071[at]gmail.com